Commercial Real Estate Repairs

For any commercial building, a well-designed interior and high-quality interior decoration are of high importance. It is the interior decoration, style and colour scheme that make an impression on the customers and visitors of the a store, office or a beauty salon.

Commercial premises of any purpose should have everything necessary for the full-fledged work activities of employees and a comfortable stay of customers. Therefore, when performing repair works, care should be taken to provide the building or premises with ventilation, air conditioning systems, a good level of illumination, as well as ensure fire and emergency safety.

When carrying out a major repairs of the commercial real estate, specialists lay and upgrade internal communications, think over a competent layout and perform finishing, turning the company’s corporate identity into reality. If only cosmetic repairs are expected to be performed, it is possible to elaborate a design project and try to change the space of the store with the help of the correct placement of partitions, equipment, and shelves.

Main types of commercial
real estate repairs

Depending on the aims, reasons and extent of the repair of such premises, there may be several types of repairs offered:
  • Current repairs, being cosmetic in nature and not fundamentally changing the main design features of the premises. Most often, when it is performed, the old finishing is replaced using modern materials;
  • Major repairs, providing fundamental changes in the design of the premises, during which internal communications, windows and doors are replaced. In the course of such repairs, partial internal alterations to the premises may be carried out;
  • Designer’s repairs, representing a complex project of designers, artists, glass, stone and other specialists of the highest level. As a result of such joint work, an impressive, exclusive design of the premises is achieved, which does not only add elegance and beauty, but also high functionality of the interior for the premises.

Our services for commercial real estate repairs

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