Major Repairs
of Buildings & Premises

Major Repairs of the Buildings mean replacement or restoration of building structures, or their individual elements. Depending on the circumstances, major repairs can be planned or major repairs can be an extraordinary measure, and it can be carried out by the developer, a company or an individual entrepreneur that have entered into a construction contract.

For the repair, the project documentation is drawn up, the conditions of which must be observed by the contractor.

What does major repairs of a building mean?

The characteristics of an infrastructure facility may deteriorate as a result of natural wear and tear, violation of the rules of operation, natural impacts, or this may happen under extraordinary circumstances. To eliminate the threat of destruction of the facility, to restore or improve the characteristics of structures, a major repairs is carried out.
The decision to carry out the major repairs can be made by the owner or developer, service organization, tenant.
The procedure and grounds for carrying out repairs can differ, depending on the type of the facility. For example, for apartment buildings, the major repairs is carried out within the framework of the state program, and its financing comes from the budget and contributions from the residents. Special regulations are provided for the timing of the planned major repairs of public and administrative buildings.

Major repairs in layman’s language

Even in case of use of the high quality materials and modern construction technologies, the structures and equipment of a building cannot retain their original characteristics forever. Deterioration of performance, wear and damage to walls, ceilings, and other elements of a building can lead to complete or partial building collapse, posing a threat to the safety of people and property. To eliminate such problems, the owner must carry out major repairs in a timely manner.

The major repairs may be due to the following circumstances:

  • wear and tear or natural deterioration, when the extension of the life of the facility depends on the scheduled repairs;
  • the need to replace or restore damaged structures and elements of the capital construction facility;
  • making a decision to improve the characteristics of buildings and their individual elements, including the use of more durable or modern materials;
  • compliance with comments of supervisory authorities, if during the inspection an improper condition of the structures was revealed.
Depending on the grounds, the major repairs may be a planned or extraordinary one. For example, extraordinary or urgent works may be required due to damage incurred by the natural disasters.

The major repairs in legal and technical language

The legislator classifies the major repairs as one of the types of urban development activities. It is carried out only at capital construction facilities – CCF, public and administrative buildings, industrial facilities and construction projects in progress. Such works are not carried out for temporary buildings, pavilions, kiosks and other similar structures.

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