Construction of a facility, regardless of its type, is not an easy process. In addition to the financial costs of construction documentation and payments to contractors, it is necessary not to forget about special documents. The construction industry requires their preparation at every stage. First of all, a project is developed, after that – a package of documents that allow you to track the production cycle is prepared. Without a complete package of official papers, including drawings and diagrams for the facility under construction, technical supervision authorities will not issue a building permit.

Types of construction documents

Engineering documentation

The engineering documentation contains the initial information for the design and allows you to get an idea about the construction of the facility being developed. Based on the final technical design, a project design is accepted. The works carried out during the preparation of the technical design include: determination of a structural concept; selection and analysis of construction technology; analysis of the level of complexity of building construction; facility creation. The result of the developed technical design is the creation of an explanatory note containing detailed information about the building: its purpose, characteristics, etc.

As-built documentation

As-built documentation is a reflection of detailed information on the construction process. It includes text protocols, drawings that determine the position and compliance of the structure with a specific project, graphic and text files that simplify preparation of the acceptance report. As-built documentation reflects the following information: technical condition of the building facility; materials and equipment used in the process; conditions for the construction of the facility: climatic, technological constructions; list of responsible contractors at each stage of work. A package of as-built documents must be transferred to the customer in several copies after completion of the construction process. The facility gets a permit for operation after a conclusion is provided that it meets the applicable technical regulations.

Design documentation

The design documentation is a kind of agreed document between the customer and the developer, which is necessary for the uninterrupted supply of a given territory with building materials and the use of effective construction process algorithms. After preparation, design documents must undergo expert review. A state or non-state enforcement officer examines the provided package of documents and checks its compliance with the applicable regulations. The design documents in total include 2 parts: textual and graphical. The first part includes description of the external and internal part of the facility, the rationale for decisions regarding the layout, way to lay out the materials in accordance with their texture and colour, nuances regarding lighting, noise protection of the building inside and the design of the interior.

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